Anne Bascom

Anne's a very talented singer who is currently studying theater at FLCC. She sang on my EP "College Beats Vol. 1" (July 2019). Super fun and easy to work with, a blast to hang out with!


Trevor Cook

A talented guitarist in his own right, Trevor also has quite the pair of lungs. He has returned to the FLCC recording program, trying to complete his associates degree. He both played and sang on my EP "College Beats Vol. 1" (July 2019). Unfortunately, no picture of him on me.


Sarah efing

Sarah's in the music program at FLCC, and she also is quite a good singer. Specializing in jazz, sue was a lot of fun to include on my "College Beats Vol. 1" EP (July 2019), as well on a few projects for college ("Hello, It's Me", "Dear Prudence", "Adult Education" ).


nate ellsworth

This man absolutely SHREDS on guitar! I have worked with him on so many things, that if you just cycle through my past work, chances are his name will pop up a LOT. He is also the lead guitarist for FLCC-based band Soon To Be. After he earns his bachelors, he plans on moving out towards the Nashville area.


William fryburger

William, a.k.a. Willy, a.k.a Will, a.k.a. is a gifted jazz musician. His main instrument is piano, but he also plays ukulele. Him and his family own their own store in fact. Even though he would never admit it, he's got a nice voice too. You can find him singing AND playing on my EP "College Beats Vol. 1".


johnny gamble

Johnny Gamble, a.k.a. GR is a rapper with a unique flow. One of the older people I've worked with, Johnny's love for old school hip-hop makes his style quite unique. I also used to work with him on the "That's What's Up!" podcast, and he is now doing the show at a Rochester, NY-based radio station.


Emily "El" Lynn-testa

Unfortunately El is pciture-less for now. This girl has a killer voice, with a lot, and I mean a LOT, of range. Up high, down low, jazz, pop, blues, whatever you want, she can do. Besides working on a couple of college projects with me, she also has her own self-titled album. This chick's legit!


Justin montione

FLCC grad from the class of 2019, Justin played in on several of my college projects. You'll come across his name by shuffling through my work multiple times. At the moment he landed a full-time gig for a live sound company up in Rochester, NY, and is working with Wicked Squid Studios, also in Rochester. Good for dude!


James Murray

This man is in my class for music recording, and he's a solid piano player. Doesn't usually talk much, but he shows up prepared and ready to work. He played piano for me on a couple of tracks from my "College Beats Vol. 1" EP (July 2019).


Lane Priest

I've worked with this guy a LOT too. He is SUPER good, both as a pianist and a singer. I am currently working on an EP with him titled "Passion", which has been put on hold since he joined the National Guard. He has been on pretty much every single college project that I've had, and is also on the site's homepage!


Samuel Proia

A good friend of mine, and talented artist in his own right. Sam currently is wrapping up his degree at FLCC, but he is also the drummer for Rochester, NY-based band The Demos, and he also operates under the alias Cooled Jets for his own stuff. Guitarist, vocalist, drummer, he's exceptional at them all. 


Charlie Reitz

I swear, this man is not of this planet! Guitarist born and raised, Charlie graduated from the program at FLCC in 2019. You can usually find him gigging out with his band Stupid November as the lead guitarist. I only have had the privilege of working with him for one track on my "College Beats Vol. 1" EP (July 2019).


Isaac scott

Isaac Scott, a.k.a. the Big Homie and I go way back. This man know how to use his voice. Besides working on his debut EP "Paradise" (April 2019) together, we also used to work on the "That's What's Up!" podcast together. Now he's doing it with a Rochester, NY-based radio station, still spitting bars with his hip-hop.


Will Thomas

Will's a killer drummer who has a deep love and passion for reggae music. He has played in on multiple of my sessions as a drummer, but he is also quite the guitarist. An old school dude who is more than happy to joke around, but will buckle down and get to work when necessary.


Melinda "Mindy" Waag

Bubbly and fun, Mindy is a talented singer and a good friend of mine. She has sang in on a couple of my projects, including "Jar of Hearts" (March 2019), "Bohemian Rhapsody" (February 2019), and my EP "College Beats Vol. 1" (July 2019). She is adorable, and hilarious, and very easy to work with.


Liam Welch

Liam graduated from the FLCC program with the class of 2019. He sang in on a couple of projects, including my EP "College Beats Vol. 1" (July 2019) and "Bohemian Rhapsody" (February 2019). Liam is a talented singer and guitar player, and he is currently gigging out with his band The Stone Lows. Great guy.


And there are still so many!!

This is not my COMPLETE list of individuals I have worked with, not yet anyway. I work with so many new faces all the time that it's hard to keep my list updated! Every once in a while, I will go back to this page and add in the new faces, so be sure to keep an eye out!