From 2020

"Resonance" Album

Nate Ellsworth is a solo blues and rock guitarist, and a good friend of mine. His debut album features a diverse range of genres and music styles, involving local FLCC talent to play in on the record. I had the immense pleasure of being the producer for this album. (January 2020)

From 2019

"Get It Right" Single: Solo jazz/blues/rock artist Jacob Bloom makes his debut with a jazz swing mixed in with dashes of rock. I was the producer and engineer for this record, as well as the alto sax player and backup vocalist. (September 2019)

"Jar of Hearts (feat. Melinda Waag)" Cover: As part of his future "Passion" EP, Lane Priest records this catchy pop tune with another FLCC student Melinda "Mindy" Waag. I was the producer, engineer, and arranger for this tune. (March 2019)

"Mustard"  Track: As part of his debut EP "Paradise", Isaac Scott, a.k.a the Big Homie, laid down his rap to a pre-made beat. Short but sweet, this man's got bars. I contributed to this project as an engineer. (February 2019)

"Lifeline (feat. Lily Schwartz)" Cover: One of the more popular tracks Lane Priest has done, this piano-centric pop song will be a part of his future "Passion" EP. Lily Schwartz, who at the time was a theatre student at FLCC, got into the studio for the very first time doing this track. This is one of Lane's most popular tracks by far. I was the producer, engineer, and arranger for this track. (January 2019) 

"Flammable" Track: A nice and easy R&B style song to bob your head too. The rap was written by Isaac Scott to a pre-made beat, and this track was also part of his debut EP "Paradise". I was the engineer on this one. (January 2019).

From 2018

"Come2Me" Track: Isaac Scott goes old school with his most popular track from his debut EP "Paradise". Once again written to a pre-made beat, I was responsible for any and all engineering aspects. This also happens to be my favorite track from the EP. (December 2018)

"YouThatiNeed" Track: The opening track to Isaac Scott's debut EP "Paradise", this in-your-face beat was produced by what would become one of his favorite producers to use beats from. He wrote the rap, I worked the engineering side of things. (December 2018)

"I AM" Single: This was a fun project I did with rap-duo Isaac Scott, a.k.a. the Big Homie, and Johnny Gamble, a.k.a. GR. The name of their group is Gambit Risk, and this was their debut single. It did pretty well, and even spawned the creation of a music video to go along with it. The beat was made by DJ Grumble, Johnny and Isaac wrote the rap, and I contributed as an engineer. (December 2018)

"Who I'd Be" Cover: Lane Priest does a beautiful rendition of this number from the Shrek Broadway musical. One of his personal favorites that will eventually be a part of his debut "Passion" EP. I was the producer and engineer on this one. (November 2018)

"New York State of Mind" Cover: As part of his future EP "Passion", Lane Priest does his best Billy Joel impression in his first ever recording. If you are a Billy Joel fan, or just a fan of good music in general, check out this one I did with Lane. I was involved as the producer and engineer, and this was also my very first recording (November 2018)