FRom 2019

"Blue Collar Worker" (Remix) Single: A revival of a popular track of mine that I never released before, this remix was definitely one of my favorites to work on. The bass line especially give this track a lot more oomph behind it. It's a lot of fun to play. (November 2019)

"C_lassiC_al B_eats" EP

Initially recorded during my freshman year of college, this EP showcases classical piano music I played during my very first semester taking lessons. A good mix of traditional composers, and more contemporary ones on a fairly bite-sized EP to listen to. (September 2019)

"College Beats Vol. 1" EP

This project is composed of what I consider my best work from my freshman year of college. All of the musicians involved were fellow FLCC students, where I was the engineer and producer for the record. Altogether, there were 21 individuals involved, including myself. (June 2019)

From 2018

"Real Life" Album

This was my debut album, featuring some of my widest range of genres and styles. There's hip hop, there's orchestral stuff, and there's some more folk, singer-songwriter type of stuff. What you hear was stuff I made during my senior year of high school, and my freshman year of college. (July 2018)

From 2017

"Pulse" EP

Serving as both my debut EP and overall debut, "Pulse" features some of my very first work. An instrumental record in its entirety, everything that you hear was made during my senior year of high school. Good blend of techno, hip-hop, EDM type of stuff. (November 2017)