SE X1A - Large Diaphragm Condesner (X1)


The perfect mic for picking up crisp clean frequencies, especially on the high end. This is the mic that I use for vocals, but it is also good for acoustic instruments. It also has a -20db pad and hi-pass filer built into the mic itself.

Shure PGA181 - Small Diaphragm Condenser (X1)


An odd looking mic, this slim-fit design allows for this mic to be placed in all sorts of nooks and crannies. It could hang over a guitar amp, placed on the underside of the piano lid, lots of places. This mic I used regularly during my time at FLCC, and I still use it constantly today.

Rode M5 - Small Diaphragm Condenser (X2)


A very small mic that I love using on piano hammers. I also use it for ukulele/acoustic guitar strings, drum overheads, and hand percussion. This mic is able to capture very rich detail.

Shure Beta 52A - Dynamic (X1)


Being the biggest mic that I own, this is what I use to handle extremely loud sources, such as bass guitar and a kick drum. Sometimes even a floor tom. Great for picking up the low end.

Shure SM58 - Dynamic (X2)


If there is one mic here that you have heard of before, chances are it is this one. This is one of the most famous mics in the world. Used for both in the studio and out on the road, this mic sounds good on pretty much anything. Mostly I use it for my live sound gigs.

Shure SM57 - Dynamic (X1)


A mic very similar to its SM58 counterpart, the Shure SM57 does pretty much everything that the Shure SM58 does. Typically you'd find more SM57s in a studio setting, which is where I usually use them. They sound good on all sources, but I am partial to using them on a snare drum and electric guitar amp.

Sennheiser e906 (X1)


This mic is also quite popular, more-so for use on electric guitar than anything else. This one really is specifically built just for that purpose. It sounds great, and also has both hi-pass and lo-pass filters build into the mic itself. The e906 is also a personal favorite of mine.

XLR Cables (X12)


Mics are pretty much useless without cables to hook them up with. However, these cables can also work with DI boxes, amplifiers, and PA speakers. Not sexy, but certainly an integral piece to the puzzle. My current collection of cables range in length from 15' to 25'. 

16-Channel Snake (X1)


This monster is 100 feet long. Basically it's an extension chord, but for mics. The mic cables plug into the snake, and the snake plugs into the mixer or recording console. Very useful, especially in larger spaces. Altogether this snake supports 16 channels, as well as 4 returns.

Mic Stands (X10)


Fairly self explanatory. These keep mics in place and from falling over, both in and out of the studio. I've got 7 tall stands and 3 short stands. Not much else to see here, let's move on.

JBL MKIII Studio Monitors (X2)


In the biz we always that you want "honest" monitors in the studio. You want what you're recording to playback EXACTLY what was being captured in the moment. Don't be fooled by their size, these things can get loud!

MOTU USB Audio Interface (X1)


For those who are unaware, the interface is basically what allows the computer to "talk" to whatever recording median that you are using. This particular interface supports 8-track recording, as well as MIDI recording. Also has a 1/4 input for headphones.

AKG K712 1/4" Headphones (X1)


At the moment I am using my personal pair of headphones in my project studio at home. The adjustable band is great, they're flexible, durable, comfy and sound great! If an artist comes through to my space to record and doesn't have their own pair, this is the pair that they borrow.

Qu-32 Allen & Heath Mixing Console (X1)


If I told you that this mixer doesn't look as cool as it does, I'd be lying. The digital mixer can support 32-channels at a time, as well as 8 monitor mixes, and 4 FX channels. This also comes equipped with built-in EQ, compression, reverb, delay, among other FXs and processing capabilities. For those knowledgable in this area, this is comparable to a MIDAS M32 mixing console.

PA Speakers (X7)


No sound system is any good without monitors for the musicians and stage and a couple of mains for the audience. I currently use 2 JBL EON 612s for my mains, and 5 JBL EON 610s for my monitors. Small, durable and more than capable of handling loud concerts, parties, whatever event you have in mind. Included with these PAs are two tripod stands for the EON 612s, with all the height control you would need.

Furman Power Strips (X2)


Much like how mics are no good without cables, PAs are no good without a power supply. These Furman power strips have been used by the pros for decades. They are capable at handling the high amounts of power the PAs require, each containing 6 outlets. There is also space left over for amplifiers, if necessary.



Altogether this keyboard is 76 keys long, just a half an octave short from a full-sized piano (8 octaves). This keyboard sounds great with its unweighted keys. I have been using it for several years now for my own music as well as with my music production clients. 

Jasmine 6-String Acoustic Guitar


Although I do not play much personally, this acoustic guitar has a nice, warm, vintage sound to it. Very good to use for pop, singer/songwriter or an acoustic-heavy project. 

Kala Tenor Ukulele


A personal favorite of mine. Bought in the summer of 2019, I constantly use this ukulele on my own stuff. The tenor size provides larger fret sizes than a soprano sized ukulele. Not many clients use the uke themselves, instead I usually end up playing it myself for their record.

Crestwood 4-String Bass Guitar


I have been playing bass myself since my freshman year of high school. I not only fell in love with it, but have gotten very good at it. For most of my music production clients, I end up writing and recording a bass line for them. I am also well-practiced on bass in and out of the studio.

Selmer Alto Saxohphone


Having been playing the sax since 5th grade, I also am frequently recording sax solos among other things for clients' projects. I also have performed live many times with this baby, mostly playing jazz, rock and the blues.