Sophomore Year (FLCC 2019-20)

"Dear Prudence (Remix)" Mixing Project: As part of one of my audio 3 projects, you had to revisit and older project from audio 2 and do a remix. I chose to remix this Beatles tune I recorded, which ended up being one of the more popular tracks on my "College Beats Vol. 1" EP, released in June of 2019. (June 2019)

"85" Mixing Project: As an already pre-made recording of a big jazz band, I was assigned to mix it. This was pretty challenging, especially since there were full sections of trumpets, saxophones, and trombones to account for. Jazz is one of my favorite genres, so this project was pretty fun. (May 2019)

"Safe and Sound" Demo: This was the original demo from a project I am currently working on with fellow FLCC student Nate Ellsworth. This track is part of his debut album "Resonance", set to release January 1st 2020, which I am the producer for. I also ended up playing bass on this one. (May 2019)

"It's Too Late (feat. Ruby Schwartz)" Mixing Project: A mixing project where I was assigned to mix a contemporary jazz band. I also had to re-record the vocals with a new vocalist, who in this case was Ruby Schwartz. This was also her first time in the studio. A catchy little tune, plus a talented singer, equals a fun project to do. (May 2019)

"Adult Education" Recording Project: One of only two recording projects I got to do during audio 3, this was an emulation project. In other words, I had to replicate the original recording as closely as possible. This was a very challenging undertaking, but one which was well worth it in the end. It is a very complex track from a production standpoint. (April 2019)

"Won't Back Down" Mixing Project: Tasked with mixing a pre-recorded cover of this Tom Petty classic. This was one we were first able to get our hands on some outboard gear. (March 2019)

"Imagine" Session Project: This time around I was on the other side of the board as the bassist and lead vocalist. Zachary Marris was the man in charge of the engineering aspect. Another fun one to do that came out pretty well. (March 2019)

"Bohemian Rhapsody (Recreation)" Recording Project: This was my single favorite track to do my sophomore year. Being a huge Queen fan, and with the Bohemian Rhapsody movie still fresh at the time, I figured I may as well to a little tribute. I also played bass on this one, not an easy line by any means. This came out pretty good, one that I might consider remixing in the future. (February 2019)

Freshman Year (2018-19)

"Getting Better (Recreation)" Recording Project: Tasked with taking this pre-existing Beatles song and realizing it in a totally new style, I decided to arrange it as a more laid back, pop-esc beach tune. Lots of acoustic instruments and hand percussion, as well as several vocalists. I love fusing different genres of music together, and this was a popular one on campus. It also is a track featured from my "College Beats Vol. 1" EP. (December 2018)

"Dear Prudence" Recording Project: The original recording of this Beatles tune was an emulation, in other words, you had to replicate the original recording as closely as possible. Probably the most challenging aspect of this one was the arrangement aspect. You had to re-work the original score of the song to make it more musician-friendly, and easier to follow. I would consider this my most difficult project from my freshman year. (December 2018)

"Hello, It's Me" Recording Project: This one was fun because you could add additional instrumentation to the song if you so chose. I ended up adding in a trumpet, alto saxophone, and french horn as MIDI instruments, as well as backup vocalists. I actually sang as one of them. Had quite a few musicians involved with this one as well, half a dozen altogether. Solid stuff, this track was also featured on my "College Beats Vol. 1" EP. (November 2018)

"Higher Ground" Recording Project: Got my funk on with this Stevie Wonder tune. This was when I first started experimenting with effects and MIDI instruments. (November 2018)

"Imagine" Recording Project: This was my very first recording project ever for college. My very first time behind the board went pretty well, it turned out I have a knack for it. This track is also featured on my EP "College Beats Vol. 1". I was also the bass player on this tune. (September 2018)