Jacob Bloom

Being a blues/rock/jazz artist, Jacob's specialty really lies in his ability to combine different styles, mixing and matching and fusing them together to create something totally brand new. Currently studying music business at Nazareth College, he has also landed himself an opportunity to take his studies down to Nashville for a semester. I had the privilege of working with him on his debut single "Get It Right", both as the producer and as a featured artist. This record came out in September 2019 and has been very well received. We have talked about working on additional projects in the future, so this may not be the last time you hear from Jacob Bloom.


Nate Ellsworth

A close friend of mine and fellow FLCC classmate, Nate Ellsworth is on KILLER guitar player. When I say this guy shreds, I mean this guy SHREDS. Playing guitar since he was 14 years old, Nate's from a very small town with big dreams of taking his passion into a full time career. Right now he's focusing on live sound production as well as his own music, with plans to transfer to Husson University once he graduates from FLCC. I was his producer for his debut album "Resonance", which will be releasing January 10th, 2020. We have a long history of working very well together throughout my time at FLCC, and we are open to the idea of working on some new material together in the future. 


Lane Priest

Piano player extraordinaire Lane Priest specializes in covers of his favorite show tunes and piano classics. He is also a pretty damn good vocalist, even though he doesn't like to admit it. I met Lane my freshman year at FLCC, when we started working on his debut EP "Passion", which is a cover EP of songs from Billy Joel, John Lennon, Queen, and a couple of his favorite Broadway Shows. This project is on hold at the moment because he recently began his journey with the National Guard. He plans to return to FLCC and his music at some point in the future, but his focus right now is on the National Guard, and rightfully so. I would like to be there once Lane is ready to jump back into it, but until then, I wish my friend all the best in this new chapter of his life.


The Big Homie "a.k.a. Isaac Scott"

Isaac and I go way back, having known each other since the 2nd grade. We always were and continue to be close, having gone to the same high school and college together. Originally seeking a YouTube career, Isaac transitioned into new media related work and projects at FLCC, and most recently is co-hosting a radio show "That's What's Up!" with Johnny Gamble via Rochester's 100.9 WXIR radio station. Music-wise, Isaac's a rapper who goes by his alias The Big Homie, and I worked on his debut EP "Paradise" as the producer, which came out back in January 2019. This project really showed off his rhythmic flow and lyrical structure, and it inspired him to branch out into new projects with fellow producer and good friend of mine John Larson. Recently he has been releasing a series of singles, with big plans in 2020 to take his sound to the next level.


Gambit Risk

This rap duo is made up of Johnny Gamble (a.k.a. GR) and Isaac Scott (a.k.a. The Big Homie). I was involved with their debut single "I AM" as their producer, which was released back in December 2018. They're a great, dynamic duo, both in musicality and personality. Johnny's got a decent chunk of years on Isaac, and definitely applies an old school mentality both to his life and his art. He could flow to any beat you give him and has a real knack for coming up with catchy hooks. Isaac on the other hand provides some young blood to the duo, as well as a different angle when it comes to lyrical structure. Since their debut back in December 2018, as a duo Gambit Risk has been relatively quiet. Isaac has continued to make new music under his solo name The Big Homie however, with music producer John Larson. You can often find these two co-hosting their radio show "That's What's Up!" through the 100.9 WXIR radio station in Rochester, NY.


Cooled Jets "a.k.a Samuel Proia"

(Don't worry, he isn't high in this picture XD) Sam's a good friend of mine and a fellow FLCC classmate. Working under the alias Cooled Jets, Sam specializes in indie rock and pop projects, usually accompanied by pretty complex lyrical harmonies and melodies. He was a featured vocalist and guitarist for a couple of tracks off my debut album "Real Life", which dropped back in July 2018. Aside from working on his own stuff as Cooled Jets, Sam also is the drummer for Rochester, NY-based band The Demos. Now that he's all done with school, he is going to move up to Syracuse to live with his future wife. Sam's a great guy, he keeps things light, always has a good attitude and is also one talented artist. I would love to work with him in the future, but in the meantime, you can go check out his work through The Demos and Cooled Jets.


El. "a.k.a. Emily Lynn-Testa"

"Call me El" is what Emily said shortly after we met. She's another one of the homies from FLCC, where she's currently wrapping up her associates degree. El. is super chill and has a real passion for adventure, travelling and exploration. She has been to several parts of the United States, and plans to continue her road trips through America, as well as travel abroad. El. was both a backup vocalist and featured artist on the "Resonance" album I worked on with Nate Ellsworth. She has a beautiful voice and she puts it to good use, writing her own stuff as well as gigging out constantly. Her most recent project was her debut album, which came out over the summer of 2019. While I would love to work with her again in the future, we do not have any immediate plans at the moment. So in the meantime, be sure to go check out the homie El. and her music.


Lily Schwartz

Although she doesn't consider herself to be a musical artist, Lily has one beautiful singing voice. Officially she is an actress, who also specializes in singing and dancing. From my hometown of Penn Yan, NY, Lily was initially homeschooled. She started travelling to local theaters and companies to work on her craft. Once she arrived at FLCC, she constantly landed leading roles in the college's productions, as well as other bigger roles in front of bigger audiences off-campus. She transferred over the summer of 2019 to a conservatory in Pennsylvania, where she continues to study the theatrical arts. Music-wise, Lily was a featured vocalist on Lane Priest's "Lifeline" cover for his debut EP "Passion", back in January 2019. In time that track became part of my most popular work. Lily also did some other work on some college projects my sophomore year, and since then we became friends. Although I do not see another opportunity on the horizon to work with her again yet, I am up for it if she is.


Melinda "Mindy" Waag

The lovely and talented Melinda, I nick-named her Mindy, is a very gifted vocalist in her own right, but does not actually music in college. Currently at FLCC, she is a liberal arts major at the moment, with high interest in theater, fitness, nutrition, and of course, music. Mindy is a self-taught musician with very little formal education, but that doesn't stop her from getting into the studio at all. I have worked with her on quite a number of my college projects during my freshman and sophomore year, having met her through an FLCC production of "Little Shop of Horrors" my 2nd semester. She is probably most well known for her feature on Lane Priest's "Jar of Hearts" cover for his debut EP "Passion", which was released in March 2019. She originally heard Lane from the "New York State of Mind" cover we did back in November 2018. Mindy calls me up saying she wants to work with him, and the rest is history. "Jar of Hearts" was very well received and that inspired Mindy to wanna work on a solo project with me at some point. Currently that is on hold at the moment, but she is very eager to get back into the studio.