Putting a name to the face

Hey there! My name is Chris Chermak a.k.a. CC Beats. I am 20 years old, and have been working under that alias since November 2017, when I first started getting serious about music. I began college at Finger Lakes Community College earlier that September, and am currently wrapping up a dual-major in music and music recording technology, with plans to transfer in fall 2020 to pursue my bachelors. I am a multi-instrumentalist, singer, engineer and producer who would be a good fit for whatever project or show you have in mind.

What I'm about

A Fellow Artist, Helping to Create Art

As an artist myself, I have a fully comprehensive understanding of what goes into

the creation process of music. I'm here to help you expand your sound, develop

your craft, and take you and your art to the next level.

As a Musician or a Producer

Need someone to play or sing in on your project? Looking more so for just an engineer? Perhaps you want a dedicated producer? I can provide all three with an excellent level of professionalism.

In the Studio or Out at the Show

I have several hundred hours of paid experience in the studio, as well as an internship from a Rochester, NY based recording studio under my belt. I have also run sound for shows in and around the Rochester area. Whether it's in or out of the studio, I'm your guy.

From Podcasting to Record Production

Maybe you're looking for an audio engineer for a podcast, instead of a record.

I have plenty of paid experience engineering podcasts as well, and I would happily 

do the same for you. And I would still work on a record with you, of course.